Panel Safety Experts

With over 30 years’ experience in the renewables industry, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest safety standards. Higher than the industry norm.

  • Solar energy offers 70-90% self-consumption – an attractive prospect for home buyers
  • Of 80 total incidents caused by PV in the UK from 2015-2018, 22 were ‘serious’
  • Without safety improvements, there is a risk that fires caused by solar PV in 18,000 new homes over 3 years could rise to 800 incidents

We have partnered with Huawei because at Futurelec safety is paramount. With Huawei Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter, we are confident the systems we install are future-proofing homes and keeping families safe.”

Lee Chadwick

Managing Director, Futurelec

Our commitment to safety

Futurelec maintains the highest safety standards. Our installers are skilled, extensively trained and we abide by rigorous certifications

Products that protect

High quality components within solar PV systems are essential for their safety. Futurelec partners with leading manufacturers to ensure the reliability of every system we install. Minimising fire risks and reassuring your homeowners.


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