Why renewable technology in new build construction needs expertise

Renewable technology is advancing just as quickly as consumer demand. The combination of rising energy costs, increasing awareness of climate change and a real drive to Carbon Net Zero has created market opportunities for new build housing developers. But equally complex is the choice of renewable technology. The challenge of installation. And above all the quality of the products selected – both from a safety perspective and to ensure new build homeowners can enjoy energy efficiency for years to come.

Part L Building Regulations

Part L regulations are due to be introduced in 2022. And with targets for 80% of new build homes to include a renewable element by 2025 it is vital for housing developers and contractors to future-proof their homes, demonstrating the need for renewable technology experts.

Carbon Net Zero

As the United Kingdom strives to meet its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Solar power will become a dominant player in the renewable power generation. We are proud of our contributions to the goal of achieving Net-Zero emissions.

Solar PV Safety

Safety is Futurelec’s first thought. When working with solar photovoltaic energy systems you are working with equipment that produces hundreds of watts of power. Since there is no switch to turn off solar PV systems off, small problems can often escalate into larger, dangerous issues if undetected.    

Solar PV Installation

When installing solar PV, we go above and beyond to ensure our systems have been installed without fault.    

To make certain our installations are as safe as possible we:

- Carry out safety inspections.

- Provide continuous training and education.

- Recommend using Huawei’s A.F.C.I (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter).

- Consider how the PV installation will affect the building throughout the building’s lifetime.

- Ensure full coordination between ourselves and the roofing company.

Leading the way as renewable technology experts

Futurelec is leading the way in renewable electrical energy in new build construction by making the latest renewable technologies available for housing developers and contractors for big and small projects.  

Our team have more than 30 years of combined experience designing and installing renewable technologies on new construction projects.

We have brought together leading renewable energy technologies, to ensure we provide only the very best service. Always ensuring that safety is at the forefront of our projects.

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