Futurelec Founder Lee Chadwick: Inspiring the Future

Our founder, Lee Chadwick, has been speaking to secondary school students across Liverpool about the opportunities available within the exciting and growing sector of sustainability. Drawing on his personal life and how the renewable energy sector gave him opportunities he didn’t think possible when he was growing up. 

Lee attended several workshops organised by Elevate EBP, starting on February 7th, talking about his journey and how he came to found Futurelec. Lee’s journey has not been an easy one.

Early Life

At the age of 7 Lee was forced to move into a foster home after trouble at home, this led to a very dysfunctional and disruptive upbringing, which left a 16-year-old Lee disengaged with his education and with no aspirations for his future. Everything turned around when Lee met a mentor who taught Lee that if you desire something, you have dedication, and discipline you can achieve anything.

Growing pains

Fast forward 10 years. Lee owned his first business installing satellite television with a fleet of 25 vans, working 7 days a week, visiting 150 properties a day. Through his desire, dedication, and discipline, life was looking good for Lee and his family. 

That was up until 2012, when Sky had reached 10 million subscribers all tender agreements were terminated with only 8 weeks’ notice. Leaving Lee, now a father of 3, without an income to support his family. 

At the time solar panels had just received enormous investment subsidies from the government. 

Desire, Dedication, and Discipline

Lee went on to take exams for the first time in his life, aged 31, to become a qualified PV installer. This led him to meet his next business partner and over the next 8 years they grew the business, he then worked for into a multi-million a year turnover. Working for all the national housebuilders, on over 500 different building sites, installing nearly 1,000 individual plots per month.  

Lee has now founded his own company in the renewable sector, which is currently one of the largest growth industries in the UK. With the Part L planning regulations changing in July 2022, the sector will see even more growth over the next 3-5 years, due to an increase from only 10% to a massive 80% of new build homes needing a planning requirement to have a renewable technology installed. This will see a jump from 18,000 to 160,000 new build homes required to have renewables installed each year. 

This journey has been exciting. It has also been difficult. Lee has a real passion to share his life story with young people. Inspiring them to see the opportunities that can exist – no matter your background or how your life starts. 

Want to learn more about renewable technology for your new build project, contact us to learn more: www.futurelec.co.uk/contact