In-roof solar panels

In-roof solar panels

In-roof solar panels, also known as integrated solar panels, are the ideal solution for green energy in your new build homes. Rather than on-roof panels, that sit on top of an existing roof, these panels simply replace roof tiles and do not require a mounting frame. Seamlessly integrating with your new build development and not imposing on the home’s aesthetic.  Solar panels have many attractions for the homeowner too. Potentially reducing average energy bills by a third. And looking to the future, homes fitted with PV systems sell for more than equivalent homes without them.

Looks that protect

GSE Inline Solar is one of the sleekest and most aesthetic roof-integrated solar PV system on the market and designed to meet the needs of all new build housing developers’ requirements.GSE provides the perfect solution for your housing projects, with a combination of high-quality materials, design flexibility, maximum power outputs, highest level of safety accreditations, and great aesthetics, GSE Inline roof-integrated solar delivers the perfect solution for all your Solar PV planning requirements.GSE Inline Solar undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets all the MCS requirements, which include Warrington fire testing, BRE wind resistance, and weather tightness, so you can have complete confidence in the products being installed.By installing GSE Inline Solar, Futurelec are able install the highest power output per m2 available and ensures developers can meet all your upcoming planning targets at the most cost-effective price.

Why should you install GSE?

  • MCS Certified
  • Highest level of safety accreditations available
  • 100% recycled mounting frame
  • Highest power panel output on the market
  • 12 -year warranty
  • Flexible to install on any roof design – including Velux windows and dormer windows
  • Compatible with every tile type
  • Efficient and safe installation process 

In-Roof System, in numbers


up to 16 module systems can be installed in a single day


m² of roof already covered


years of experience

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